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Multi-vendor management under one contract, one source for hardware and support, one call for direct access to tech support specialists. Keep your data moving.

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OEM’s place end-of-life restrictions and unreasonable tech support rates. thomastech allows you to extend the useful working life of your system all while reducing costs by 30-70%.

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 Capture confidence in your systems with support and hardware from thomastech. Keep your data moving by keeping your systems running. Partner with us today.


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Often CIO’s and IT professionals face problems like system downtime. They are expected by company personnel to keep the systems running at max performance all while keeping costs low. This presents a problem as many OEMs have planned obsolescence and end-of-life restrictions which produces large and recurring expenditures. As a result, tech professionals are placed between the OEM’s costly requirements and the financial department’s budgets. Fortunately, thomastech solves both problems by reducing the costs and empowering tech professionals to keep their systems running and their data moving. Continue reading to learn more about features and how thomastech allows you to reduce cost and obtain a simpler life with reliable systems and support.

The Main Features

These six “S”s only capture a few features you can have when you partner with thomastech.

Significant Cost Savings vs. OEM
Speedy Shipping and Delivery
Simple Support
Sizable Hardware Inventory
Service Onsite Usually in 4 Hours
Specialized Support Available 24/7
Saving money

Third Party Support

What if you knew of a way to reduce support costs by up to 70% and extend the useful life of your current systems? As you probably know, each system has its own lifecycle. Regardless of where it is in its lifecycle, third-party support is a cost-saving alternative for an attractive price. Third party support from thomastech is quite simple. It is an alternative to expensive OEM based support. OEM support often causes problems for IT personnel with high costs, multiple support contracts, planned obsolescence, and more. By choosing thomastech’s support, life becomes simpler and risks are reduced. Click the button below to see how you can save up to 70%.

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saving Money


Consider thomastech as your global IT distribution partner. Our extensive inventory of enterprise hardware allows us to service, upgrade, and mirror your critical systems in most environments. We deliver the hardware and services that you require in order to Keep Data Moving. Main Features: – Out of the box servers, storage, and networking systems – Rapid Part Deployment for replacement parts and upgrades – Rental and leasing options for short and long-term periods – Data migration assistance and swing boxes – Flexible solutions based on your organization’s needs.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I recently completed a project of redesigning my entire server room infrastructure to leverage virtual computing power and had the pleasure of working with ThomasTech to get my storage and physicals where they needed to be. They were very responsive and worked diligently to get me what I needed. Working with thomastech allowed me to enjoy significant savings without sacrificing quality and all of the equipment that I purchased from them was able to be fully warrantied and supported by the manufacturer. thomastech will be my first choice for future storage and server needs.

Jeff Parker

Director of IT at Carriage Services

thomastech is a great business partner. They have supplied several HP 3PAR systems for our data center at a reasonable cost along with support and maintenance after the initial sale. We will continue to look to thomastech for our storage needs.

Russ Coxe

Chief Technical Officer at DesignDATA

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