What is IT Asset Disposition?

All successful businesses, large or small, depend on IT to manage their enterprise. Computer-managed sales information, invoicing, accounting, internal operations, human resources and personnel support, data collection, real-time decision-supporting analysis, and more define the entire picture of an enterprise’s activity. As companies grow, data volume increases, and new computing and storage capacity will be needed. Older, outdated assets may need to be disposed of.

IT assets may consist of mainframes and individual desktops, portable computers, tablets, mobile phones, and more. According to one United Nations report, the world disposed of 50 million metric tons of electronics or “e-waste” in 2018. This quantity of asset disposition, says the UN, outweighs the total tonnage of all commercial airliners ever produced.

Sooner or later, older IT equipment becomes obsolete and must be replaced. ITAD, or Information Technology Asset Disposition, comes into play at this point.

So, where should the old equipment go? How must companies dispose of the old to make way for the new?

Finding an Effective IT Asset Disposition Provider

Out-dated or insufficient electronics should never be placed on the curb or put in a dumpster to be carried away with the next trash pickup.

In the first place, your equipment must be disposed  responsibly to eliminate risks from ecology-damaging components.

Also, proper asset disposition eliminates the risk of your organization’s information remaining with the equipment.

Lastly, older equipment may be resold to individuals or companies that can benefit from the equipment’s residual capability. AEven though your company may have outgrown the technology, another may find that it fits their needs perfectly.

The objective of a professional third-party global IT maintenance company like thomastech is to provide ongoing support, systems maintenance, storage, spare parts, and user training that will extend the lifetime of their clients’ IT systems. Their support spans the time between initial planning and acquisition to the eventual asset disposition.  

In the case of asset disposition, the objectives of a third-party IT provider are to:

  • maximize the equipment’s value
  • eliminate any security risk,
  • minimize the total equipment cost

Replacement cycles are shortening as technology continues to evolve. While IT demands of a decade ago were less than today, thomastech uses creative strategies and an extensive inventory of replacement and supplemental parts to extend equipment effectiveness. While IT equipment manufacturers often recommend premature replacement, your third-party IT company can help to extend the effective life of the original equipment before IT asset disposition  is needed.

What Should Happen with a Proper IT Asset Disposition?

A professional IT asset disposition company will:

  • Sterilize the System: Before final asset disposition occurs, the asset disposition company will sterilize all elements, removing all data according to industry guidelines to ensure none of your information remains with the equipment.
  • Determine Residual Value: As part of the asset disposition process, the company will determine how much value remains with each component and determine whether some or all the system may be resold.
  • Offer Asset Remarketing Options by finding a buyer for all or part of the system.
  • Responsible Asset Disposition: If components cannot be resold, the company will handle the asset distribution according to industry and international guidelines.

Thomastech, a Global leader in Third-Party Maintenance and Support

Rather than waste substantial assets on complete IT staffing, unnecessary equipment, data storage, and state-of-the-art systems security, outsource your IT maintenance needs to professionals. Thomastech’s overall strategy is to delay capital equipment capital equipment expenses while professionally maintaining existing assets and helping clients to gain control of their IT budgets.

When the time comes for IT asset disposition, thomastech will manage your disposal in the safest, most economical manner, but only when the equipment has reached the end of its useful life.To learn more about the company and services, visit the thomastech website. While there, you will learn more about thomastech’s People, Processes, Products, and Services that encompass the entire range of computer support and maintenance services.