Product Feature: Hitachi G1500

One of the “big guns” in the Hitachi line-up of data storage devices is the Hitachi G1500 model. There is so much to be said about this device which will have to be saved for another day. The G1500 is a storage device specially designed for enterprise-class data centers. In this feature, we will only cover a few details about this storage system.

Operating Systems:

Running this storage device is the Hitachi Global Storage Virtualization operating system, or SVOS for short. Storage operating systems supported by the G1500 include IBM® mainframe operating systems (OS) and open-system OSs. According to Hitachi, the open-system OSs supported are “VMware®, Windows®, Solaris®, AIX®, Linux®, HP-UX™, XenServer®, and OpenVMS™.”

Key Features:

The G1500 provides high performance, availability, and reliability of data and storage. To protect data, the G1500 utilizes an industry trend setting local and remote data protection suite that has true active-active metro-clustering.

Scalability, Networking, Configuring:

Another plus to the G1500 is its scalability and SAN (Storage Area Network) capabilities. With its ability to scale, the G1500 is a perfect answer to organizations that are growing with ever-expanding data storage needs. The G1500 can connect to mainframe hosts using FICON front-end directors and when connecting to open servers it uses iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet front-end directors. All of the before mentioned front-end directors in different combinations can be used to configure the G1500 to support mainframe hosts and open servers at the same time.

The back-end scalability of a G1500 is quite flexible. It can control up to a maximum of 65,250 logical volumes and 2,304 disk drives. In total, it can contain an approximate capacity of 11,278 TB of space when using 10 TB disk drives.


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Saturday Spotlight: Isaac Royalty

In today’s Saturday Spotlight, we will be highlighting Isaac Royalty, a marketing graphics genius. He has been interning in the marketing department at thomastech where he puts his skills to work each week. To capture a little information on Isaac, we asked him a few questions. Some of them are more informative than others, and one we just asked to have a little fun. Meet Isaac!

What does an average day on the job look like for you?

“Typically, I do a lot of design and product photography. One of my main jobs has been taking photos of different systems and arrays we service. These all need edited and branded to add to our database.”


What are some things you do outside of the office?

“My favorite hobbies would be playing trumpet and basketball. Go Cavs!”


What is one thing on your bucket list?

“One thing on my bucket list would definitely be to climb mount Rishiri in Hokkaido, Japan. When I was there I got some great views of it, but unfortunately wasn’t able to visit it. Maybe next time!”


What are your opinions on garden gnomes?

“I personally think garden gnomes are creepy. Never have met one I liked.”


What advice would you give to somebody in your profession?

“Get input from others! Some of my best ideas have come from conversations I have had with coworkers and peers.”