Server Maintenance

HPE Third-Party Maintenance Support

Third-Party Support for HPE Devices

Our professional engineers are specialists in managing HPE product lines that include the following:
    • HP 3000
    • HP 9000
    • HP Integrity
    • HPE Proliant BladeSystems
    • HPE Proliant Servers
    • HP EVA
    • HP P2000
    • HP P4000
    • HP P9500
    • HP MSA
    • HP MSL Tape Libraries
    • HP ESL Tape Libraries
    • HP EML Tape Libraries
    • HP Procurve
    • HP StoreServ
    • HP B-Series Switches
We can provide customized service options.

thomastech Support & Maintenance For HPE Users

The service for and repair of your HPE servers don’t have to be expensive. With thomastech, you will receive support services that increase your growth. Expand your business by spending only what you need for servicing and repairing your HPE devices.

If you’re only familiar with the support available through HP or other manufacturers, you aren’t alone. thomastech offers third-party maintenance and support solutions that will help your HPE devices run smoothly so you won’t have to buy new hardware before you're ready. Plus, if you still have hardware HP no longer supports, no need to worry; we’ve got you covered for that, too!

See how we can help you save money, reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

An Extension Of Your Team

At thomastech, we get it done. We've built the ultimate team of experts that provides experienced superior support, thereby minimizing downtime and ensuring that your operations run efficiently.

Raise Your Expectations When You Work With thomastech 

Reinvest In Your Business

When you work with thomastech, your bottom line goes up, this increases your ability to reivent in your own company and expansion, instead of manufacturer support and maintenance services.


24/7 Support

Expert support team available 24/7 and service response times of four hours or less.


On Demand Parts To Ship

A stocking strategy based on your comfort level is created and we will always keep you informed of what will be stocked. 


Support For Current And End Of Support Life (EOSL) HPE Devices

We deliver support and maintenance for devices no longer supported by HPE so you won’t be caught off guard having to upgrade before you’re ready.

Tailored Support Services for Companies of All Sizes

We build custom contracts and services to serve the needs of small, midsize and large companies. At thomastech, we deliver expert service, support and maintenance for complete server and storage environments using HPE hardware.

We offer:

  • Supplemental support for existing HPE service contracts
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance

When you partner with thomastech for support and maintenance of your HPE device(s), you will get immediate access to our 24-hour help desk, built-in escalation and fast service response by certified engineers.

thomastech engineers have extensive knowledge in and experience with current and past brands, as well as many types of hardware. This allows us to provide flexible and customer-centered service options since we are able to look at problems from different angles.

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