Reasons to Move Hitachi VSP G1000 and G1500 to Third-Party Storage Maintenance

Eventually, any piece of IT hardware will reach a point when the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will abandon those models in favor of selling their “new and improved” versions. While this obsolescence is a regular occurrence in the IT industry, some clients may still be using these models productively while the manufacturer eliminates maintenance and support. Suspending service late in the equipment’s life cycle is standard procedure among manufacturers, viewed as a compelling strategy to entice customers to invest in their new models.

In December 2020, Hitachi issued an end-of-service announcement for their VSP G1000 and G1500 platforms, discontinuing support for their server, storage, and network hardware.

Besides burning up a great deal of precious capital needed for other revenue-producing investments, what are the options for a company still using a service-discontinued platform?

While the Hitachi announcement sounds like a troubling event or transition, the situation does present a fresh opportunity for the user company that can evolve into a beneficial money-saving opportunity with a third-party IT maintenance (TPM) provider.

What is a Third-Party IT Maintenance Company?

In recent years, end-of-service notifications have become very commonplace in the IT industry. Furthermore, most growing companies cannot afford an extensive, dedicated in-house IT Department to manage all server, hardware, storage, and routine maintenance issues.

When an OEM drops the responsibility for servicing their equipment, what alternative will an Operations or business manager have when this happens?

Professional third-party companies characterized by a staff of highly skilled and versatile technicians working with customized service agreements have grown dramatically in recent years.

When companies like Hitachi and others choose to suspend service and maintenance for their aging equipment, third-party maintenance companies like thomastech can provide the needed professional support to extend the life of the assets, postponing the need to invest in newer equipment will add substantial cost, perhaps without any significant value added to your business.

Smaller companies and even larger enterprises with global representation can benefit from a third-party maintenance provider’s services.

Objectives of Your Third-Party Maintenance Provider

Third-party maintenance companies maintain objectives that are much more in sync with their client’s goals than with the OEM’s. For example, a proven TPM focuses on:

  • Extending the life of your entire IT system assets with custom-tailored and economical ongoing service.
  • Providing real-time monitoring and troubleshooting service for all brands of equipment.
  • Making sure your data is safely backed up and instantly restorable in case of interruptions.
  • Installing essential updates and security protection to keep your systems running smoothly without any data breaches or cyber invasions.
  • Developing a partnering relationship with customized services to protect and maintain all your IT assets and to enhance your service quality. Having one company focus holistically on all equipment from multiple OEMs fosters network compatibility and reduces the time and money spent dealing with multiple service contracts and technician visits. 

Contact thomastech, the Right Choice as your Global Third-Party IT Maintenance Provider

The professionals at thomastech work with companies of every size and type, with many of these having multiple locations and operations to manage.

Focused on keeping IT assets performing at their peak well after the OEM begins to push their “latest and greatest,” the thomastech team works closely with their clients to optimize productivity while keeping costs down.

As a global force experienced in working with all data center servers and hardware, the thomastech experts provide a 24/7 Customer Portal to respond to emergencies and troubleshooting issues.

Experienced in servicing and supplying parts for Hitachi Enterprise Hardware, thomastech also maintains IBM, Dell, EMC, HPE, and other systems.

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Third-Party Maintenance Provider Overcomes Anti-Competitive Behavior

While a third-party IT maintenance company strives to keep their clients' hardware and other IT components productive for as long as possible, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has a different mission. Naturally, the OEM is focused on selling new equipment to replace existing hardware that likely still has years of productivity as long as it is well maintained.

Extending the life of any enterprise's IT equipment can reduce capital expenditure significantly over a long period. If invested in product and customer service enhancements, those savings can make a real difference in growth rate and long-term profitability.

Spare Parts Cost Challenges for TPM Companies

One of the biggest challenges for third-party IT maintenance providers (TPM) is securing spare parts from the OEM at an on-demand competitive cost. Since the TPM provider's advantage is their ability to maintain and upgrade equipment from multiple OEMs, third-party maintenance companies are usually not agents for any single OEM.

As a result, TPMs must buy spare parts through equipment parts resellers that would result in higher costs for much-needed components.

What is Deal Registration?

Some TPM providers like thomastach LLC have countered the potential cost premium by participating in "deal registration" programs with their resellers. According to Channel Mechanics, deal registration is a reseller's practice that allows a partner (TPM) to "register" an opportunity and provide additional financial, sales, and marketing support.

While the process is invisible to the TPM's client, a reseller with a particular TPM customer that needs a price break for a product can "register" the deal with the OEM to lock in a price for that TPM and their client. This action assures the reseller of continuing business from that TPM for the particular component.

Once a reseller registers a deal, no competing reseller can access the same break, thereby providing price protection for the reseller and, by extension, for the TPM company and their client.

How Deal Registration Works for TPMs

Since only one reseller can offer the lower prices for a specific component because of the deal registration exclusivity, price erosion does not occur, and margins are protected.

With deal registration in place with various resellers, the proven, top-tier third-party IT maintenance companies like thomastech can assemble a roster of multiple reseller relationships to source their critical components at the lowest, "deal registered" process.

What Does Deal Registration Accomplish for your Business?

  • Enhances Competition

Deal registration reduces the importance of the pricing factor and allows companies to compete on their ability to serve their clients. Companies compete without diminishing their margins and, as a result, can upgrade the quality of service to gain to win more often while improving their market share.

  • Protects Margins

Establishing a fair price allows companies to maintain target margins and discourages the potential for competing at unsustainably low prices.

  • Grows Service Performance Levels for Your Customers

Vendors and TPMs can focus on their clients in the industry, extending services that demonstrate their commitment to providing the clients with precisely what they need to expand their business.

  • Improves Customer Satisfaction for Your Organization and Process

Focusing on helping clients become profitable while enhancing conditions that support their financial health is the mission of quality third-party service providers. By not having to swallow steep and non-competitive parts pricing, TPMs can focus entirely on an invaluable approach based on superior customer support.

Contact thomastech, the Right Choice as your Global Third-Party IT Maintenance Provider

With a worldwide presence, thomastech provides IT support for a broad range of both U.S. and European businesses in various countries. Having aligned with multiple parts suppliers locked into deal registration agreements, thomastech stabilizes their costs, provides customized IT support and tools, and extends the life of all your enterprise's IT assets and resources, saving you both time and money.

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How Does Third-Party Maintenance Improve an IT Shop’s Bargaining Position?

Competition can be good or bad; even though it can be your biggest obstacle while growing and maintaining market share, a competitor can also be a tremendous advantage when more than one capable provider competes for your business and customers. In the latter instance, companies can enjoy significant savings and a greater level of attention under these conditions and over any period of time.

Partnering with a professional third-party maintenance company (TPM) can add significant advantages during negotiations for new equipment and support services for your employees with one of the well-known original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Your buying power is also substantially enhanced when working with a global TPM partner to supply replacement parts and labor that will extend your IT systems' productive life beyond the equipment's established warranty.

Tactics for Improving Your Bargaining Position with a Third-Party Maintenance Company

  • Locked into the OEM

It is no secret that anyone's bargaining position improves substantially when they have an effective alternative.

Here is a typical scenario in the IT world: Enterprise managers sometimes find themselves "locked into" single-sourcing IT equipment. Once their warranties expire, the OEM representative will encourage them to "refresh" with new equipment. If this effort falls short, the OEM rep will offer an expensive year-by-year service contract to keep the original IT equipment running longer.

Extended service contracts provide some level of insurance, but the premiums can become astronomical. As each service contract increases in price, the business manager will eventually decide that buying new equipment is cheaper than keeping the old.  

Maintenance services are never the OEM's core mission. Selling new equipment is part of their plans to make more profit. Raising maintenance costs to a level that makes buying new equipment seem like the only economical option is a strategy for increasing sales. Without an alternative, the client must succumb.

Bringing an Effective Third-Party Maintenance Company On Board in the Future

On the other hand, when the same manager begins to work with a professional third-party IT management company at the time the warranty is expiring, the result will represent the following outcomes:

  • Lower overall IT maintenance costs
  • Extended functional life of IT equipment
  • Comprehensive coverage for all equipment available
  • Personalized service
  • Regular, ongoing maintenance
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Strategic, continuous data backup

The presence of your closely-associated and experienced TPM will signal to the OEM representative that you have a strong alternative, especially one that can substantially extend the life and capacity of the existing systems.

Third-Party Maintenance: The Right Step in Achieving a Competitive Edge

Breaking free of the bonds controlled by the original equipment manufacturer substantially reduces any company's long-term capital expenditure on IT equipment, storage, and maintenance. Savings and benefits from a competitive scenario include:

  • Extending equipment life and reducing long-term IT costs
  • Tailored maintenance contract pricing, i.e., paying only for what you need
  • Forestall upgrading to newer technology until after the "introductory pricing" drops
  • OEM's expensive maintenance waiver at the end of the warranty will go away in favor of a less expensive, flexible, and more comprehensive maintenance contract with the TPM

With a professional TPM, the client will enjoy an ongoing partnering relationship with greater accountability, better communications, full-time system monitoring, enhanced security, and upgrades only when needed.

For Global Third-Party Maintenance Support and Service for Your Business, contact thomastech

Just having a competent, experienced, and reliable TPM to serve as your virtual IT Department while keeping your equipment up-to-date and running smoothly without draining your capital resources will instill peace of mind and confidence.

Enterprise managers should never rely strictly on OEMs for support because their primary objective, such as selling new systems, is clearly in conflict with your business goals.

The objective of a skillful and diligent TPM, on the other hand, is precisely the same as your business goals. Keeping your business running smoothly, extending your IT products' useful life, and providing all the necessary support and security at lower cost are clearly mutually important goals.

If organizations have an extended global reach, working with a company like thomastech to meet industry demands and keep all entities in sync and running smoothly are essential; undoubtedly, such an opportunity will save you time and money.

thomastech provides effective, secure, and ongoing IT maintenance support for companies in the U.S. and across Europe and various countries. To arrange a confidential discussion and a quality evaluation with one of our experts, visit the thomastech website or call us at (330) 225-3117.

The Definitive Guide to Third Party Maintenance

Most knowledgeable IT specialists are aware of the growing importance of professional Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) companies. However, they may not be mindful of many value-creating services provided by these enterprises.

Third-Party Maintenance is a hardware support option designed to extend the life of your IT hardware and more. Independent of any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a proven TPM company provides professional and technical support for all servers, network equipment, storage, and all other IT system elements.

What is the Mission of Third-Party Maintenance?

The mission of partnering service providers like thomastech is precisely the opposite of the objective of any OEM. Any manufacturer's primary goal is to replace existing equipment as soon as possible, usually well before the performance begins to fade.

Alternatively, a TPM's goal is to prolong each piece of equipment's effective life through economical maintenance programs, upgrades, and customized service programs. In many instances, your TPM can double the useful life of IT assets without diminishing productivity at all.

A global leader in TPM will provide customized service designed to:

  • Serve as your "in-house" IT Department
  • Substantially extend the productive life of your IT hardware.
  • Design Cloud-based system redundancy to avoid permanent loss of critical information, enabling your company to remain fully operational even following a severe natural disaster.
  • Establish an ongoing routine inspection and maintenance program.
  • Provide 24-hour monitoring and problem responses.
  • Protect your system against cyber threats and security breaches.
  • Implement an ITAD (IT Asset Disposal) program to dispose of your outdated equipment.
  • Oversee global assets and ensure uniform security throughout the network.

Economics and Benefits of TPM vs. OEM Support for your Business or Organization

The substantial savings from utilizing a customized TPM plan can be measured in less expensive ongoing service and maintenance, the time wasted in managing multiple OEM service contracts, and the reduction of your company's long-term IT expenditure.

  • Service and Hardware Maintenance Contracts

Original equipment manufacturers begin trying to sell new equipment before the expiration of each unit's warranty. Their alternative is to offer an expensive service contract for no more than 12 months, subject to renewal at an even higher cost.

However, your professional TPM will collaborate with you to create a customized, longer-term maintenance contract covering all equipment and provides routine maintenance, upgrades, security elements, and server backup for all IT equipment.

  • Time and Attention Interference

Like most businesses, your organization may have accumulated a broad array of IT equipment from the broad spectrum of OEMs. Each piece of equipment will have different technicians to schedule and service, varying warranty expirations, and a pile of service contracts. The time and confusion related to these issues rather than focusing on your company's revenue-generating activities can be costly.

Your partner third-party maintenance provider will simplify your life, save you money and maintenance costs, improve your approach to security, and keep your team focused on enhancing your product quality and customer relations.

Reducing Your Long-Term IT Investment

While most managers understand the value of high-performance IT systems for enhancing productivity, managing a wide range of employees and assets, improving communications, and fostering accurate, real-time decision making, spending too much on IT equipment and maintenance can bankrupt a growing company. Computers and peripheral equipment should not require frequent replacement if they are maintained and appropriately upgraded.

Consider how much capital is preserved if the life of all IT assets were doubled without negatively impacting performance and efficiency?  For a medium-sized and growing company, the savings can make a significant difference in the growth rate or even the enterprise's survival.

For a smaller start-up company, redirecting capital saved by partnering with a high-performance TPM can substantially enhance your growth rate and performance in the industry. 

Which Range of Services are Offered in TPM?

The services for clients depend on individual needs and processes. These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cost Optimization Strategies: These include low-cost, ongoing maintenance with highly qualified technicians and OEM replacement parts.
  • Online and Phone Support: Technicians are always available for online support and troubleshooting for your enterprise.
  • Continual Online Monitoring and Updates: Experts will monitor systems 24/7, often discovering slowdowns and glitches before the client does.
  • Onsite Regular Maintenance: A technician will come to your facility to inspect and update all systems in one visit, if preferred, thereby reducing interruption.
  • OS Support and Upgrades: The TPM expert will anticipate the need for life-extending upgrades and perform installations seamlessly.

Reach Out to thomastech, a Global Third-Party Maintenance Support Company

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Our staff representatives will help you assess your current situation, resources and technologies and tailor a timeline and cost structure recommendation for implementing ongoing maintenance, third-party service, and advisory services.

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When should you consider Third Party Maintenance?

Professional third-party IT maintenance services save you money, keep your systems secure and operating correctly, provide customized support, extend the life of your IT assets, and so much more.

Although the many whys of developing a dedicated external IT support system are clear, deciding when is the best time may not be as obvious.

Determining the Best Time

Your first consideration must be that IT equipment will eventually stop performing as needed. But the time when refreshing or upgrading to newer models is always years after your original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) representative suggests.

Since OEMs thrive by selling their latest and greatest versions, an enterprise's profitability may depend on extending the life of its IT assets for a few more years.

Another challenge for business managers is staying current with all the single-year OEM service level agreements (SLAs) and costs involved while managing multiple manufacturers' equipment.

Moreover, as a further strategy to encourage businesses to replace their IT systems, OEM service agreements beyond the warranty expiration are becoming more expensive. In most instances, these SLAs last for only one year, while subsequent renewals, if available, are even more costly.

In most instances, maintenance during a warranty period should be the OEM technicians' responsibility. However, once the warranty ends for any single IT asset, your third-party maintenance company should step in to provide life-extending maintenance, equipment upgrades, and essential security operations.  

The Advantages and Benefits of Having a Third-Party IT Maintenance Company Take Over

Even while some equipment remains under warranty, you should adopt a tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your TPM to monitor, maintain, and upgrade those IT assets that have reached the end of their warranties and OEM service agreements.

Remember that you and your TPM Partner will always share the same objectives: i.e., extending the life of your IT assets to the furthest extent, protecting and preserving all data, and keeping your systems running smoothly.

Furthermore, since IT maintenance is not likely to be one of the enterprise's strategic objectives, handling IT maintenance with in-house personnel could incur substantial unnecessary expenses.

Your third-party IT maintenance (TPM) partner will utilize a staff of fully trained technical specialists available 24/7, plus an inventory of spare parts for each brand.

While maintaining your IT assets at peak operating efficiency, third-party maintenance companies can also coordinate coverage for Cloud migration and provide backup capability in case your system should go down due to a natural disaster or other significant events. Even with the most severe occurrence, your TPM can recover data and provide backup equipment, as needed, to keep your business running smoothly.

All-System Support and Third-Party Service

A professional third-party maintenance company is a one-stop-shop solution and viable option that views your entire IT system holistically and not as individual components. Clients and customers tend to consider their third-party maintenance providers closely aligned with their IT needs as those giant corporations view their in-house IT departments.

As a core part of their mission, global third-party support providers like thomastech that operates across the U.S. and Europe also provide full-service support for outlying branches, partners, and representatives worldwide. Seamlessly bridging OEM contract transitions to around-the-clock support and monitoring, clients instantly access thomastech's technical support through secure messaging and even a client portal and Help Desk that allows direct interaction with thomastech professionals for any questions and issues.

Contact thomastech, a Global Third-Party Maintenance Provider

A global force in Data Center Hardware, Service, and Expertise, thomastech offers the People, Processes, and Products to support the IT needs of any enterprise.

To learn more, a confidential conversation and evaluation by the thomastech professionals will uncover specific areas where money and maintenance costs may be saved, assets and devices can be improved, and the approach to security can be enhanced.

No matter where your location is in the globe, you can learn more about professional and quality IT maintenance by visiting the thomastech website and completing the brief Contact Us Form, or by calling our office at +1-(330)-225-3117.

OEM Support VS Third Party Maintenance Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Which is Better?

As if life and business were not challenged enough during the global Coronavirus pandemic, the effort, time, and cost to maintain your IT equipment while protecting your staff have not decreased.  Perhaps in light of dwindling revenues and limited savings, one challenge is that you still rely entirely on a whole slew of different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) representatives to provide support.

While enterprises and their network of clients develop, they acquire a broad range of IT equipment, including computers, peripherals, smartphones, and other tools, to sustain growth and expand market potential. In most instances, each piece of equipment is:

  • Manufactured by a different OEM
  • Assigned warranties with differing expiration dates
  • Serviced only by the OEMs' designated representatives

The result and reality of the situation? Your company invests considerable money, plus many interruptions, by relying on several OEM companies to perform an ongoing level of service. The better alternative is to consolidate all IT support services with a single third-party maintenance provider (TPM) that will oversee, monitor, maintain, update, and secure your IT assets with a single contract.

How to Save Money and Resources by Consolidating Your IT Maintenance with Proven Third-Party Maintenance Providers

  • Extend the Life of Your IT Assets and Equipment

As your warranty runs down, an OEM representative's primary motivation will be to encourage you to replace and upgrade your existing equipment or agree to an expensive extended service contract. Since this may occur after only three to five years while your equipment is functioning perfectly for your needs, you may assume that the equipment could remain productive for several more years with appropriate maintenance and upgrades.

  • Consolidate All IT Support Contracts and Operations with a Single TPM Company

Extending the useful life of your IT equipment is never an OEM's mission. However, making your equipment perform longer, better, and less expensively is the explicit mission of any third party maintenance company.

And, while extending the productive life of all your IT assets, a well-positioned global third-party support company will monitor and maintain all assets simultaneously. Relying on several OEMs for support places an unnecessary demand on your time and involves collectively much higher costs resulting from multiple contracts.

  • Reduce Exposure During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The ability to work with a single maintenance company for all IT assets reduces the number of technician visits to your operations to perform services and upgrades. With flexible options for scheduling and 24/7/365 support, especially during the Coronavirus Crisis, customers may request routine maintenance appointments at a time when the fewest employees and teams are present.

Many of the functions handled by your professional third-party maintenance company are managed remotely. Technicians will monitor your IT equipment's performance from their location and provide you with updates, even testing and correcting particular interference and bottlenecks and without a personal visit to your site.

Maintain Compatibility and Security within your Entire Network

The third-party maintenance company will strive to give you appropriate access to upgrades and security elements that will be compatible across your server and each IT asset.  Multiple OEM service representatives can make unilateral adjustments to their products that may not be the most efficient for the entire network.

The TPM company will view your network holistically, not as individual components, and provide you with the best long-term solutions.

Contact thomastech as your Third-Party Maintenance Provider

Headquartered in Medina, Ohio, thomastech provides effective, secure, and ongoing IT maintenance support for companies across the U.S., Europe and the globe. A leader in Data Center Hardware, Service, and Expertise, thomastech specializes in securely providing hardware services and storage seamlessly for businesses and organizations.

As an extended, closely connected component of your IT Team, thomastech will make sure your Data Center performs at peak performance levels regardless of any emergency, disruptions or challenges at-hand. Visit our website to learn more about the company's valued experience and knowledge, proven process, comprehensive services, capabilities and flexibility.

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Top Strategies For Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

As an enterprise grows, managers accumulate an ever-growing pile of IT and communications equipment warranties and service contracts to manage. These service agreements are part of the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) responsibility to keep their products working correctly, at least until those commitments lapse.

When the warranty or service contract expires, OEM representatives will begin to implore you to upgrade to “the latest and greatest” version of the existing equipment since, in truth, selling new equipment is their primary responsibility.

The end of a warranty is not the end of the IT equipment’s useful life. With professional ongoing maintenance and upgrades, your equipment will be effective for as long as double the original warranty time.

Consider the many different OEM contracts that you must manage with multiple manufacturers and varying warranty expirations. The job of overseeing these can be time-consuming and very disruptive to the normal affairs of your business.

Benefits and Strategies for Using a Third-Party Maintenance Company

Some long-term strategies and advantages of using an effective third-party maintenance company:

  • Global Support

In recent years, high-performance IT support companies like thomastech have developed a worldwide reach in their operations. To manage IT for companies with significant remote activity, support personnel must be available to provide ongoing maintenance and security oversight. Currently providing a 24/7/365 Help Desk support for clients in 68 countries, thomastech can cover any client’s global reach.

  • Customized Service Contract

Only pay for what you need and use. Companies can negotiate full to flexible-service contracts that best fit their requirements. However, a third-party maintenance company will always be available in case of emergencies.

  • Back-up Spare Parts Inventory

Your service provider will stock spare parts for your equipment to manage emergencies. If a spare part is not currently in inventory, the company has a direct channel to the manufacturers and can have the element on hand promptly.

  • ITAD Management

Eventually, some hardware assets will no longer perform as needed, and economical and environmentally acceptable Information Technology Asset Disposal (ITAD) will be required. A third-party maintenance company like thomastech will manage the disposal efficiently and within necessary guidelines.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring

thomastech provides ongoing remote monitoring to detect service disruptions and unwanted intrusions to the assets. In many instances, the problems may be resolved from a remote location, although a technician can be dispatched to your issues onsite immediately if needed.

Choosing a Professional Third-Partner Provider

The time required to manage all your various service contracts can largely disappear by partnering with an effective third-party maintenance company experienced in servicing and maintaining a broad range of IT assets.

Skilled technicians are committed to making your IT equipment last longer while maintaining the highest cybersecurity protection, providing accessible data back-up, and keeping all your assets running without interruption.

Working with an effective third-party maintenance provider, you will save valuable time, reduce long-term IT expenditure, enjoy direct accountability, and gain confidence that your assets are being correctly maintained and up-to-date.

Contact thomastech, a Global Leader in the Industry

A global operation, Ohio-based thomastech offers professional third-party IT maintenance support to many clients around the globe. Our highly trained and experienced technicians focus on keeping all customer IT assets operating securely and efficiently well past the warranty period, 

Today, thomastech’s Data Center Lifecycle Solutions provides much-needed IT maintenance support for enterprises involved in financial, insurance, telecommunications, and governmental segments.

To learn more about thomastech and to schedule a confidential discussion and evaluation, visit the thomastech website.

You may also call thomastech’s main office at 1 (330) 225-3117, and one of our professionals will be pleased to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

Technology Refreshes vs Hardware Upgrades – Which option is right for you?

As companies and businesses evolve, information technology and communication options and requirements grow. Eventually, IT administrators are responsible for overseeing a broad inventory of computers and their peripherals, smartphones, and other equipment, each with different warranty expirations and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) maintenance contracts.

While managing all these and keeping them operational and up-to-date is challenging enough, at a certain point, those administrators face the difficult decision of when to replace each component.

As with anything else, eventually, the administrator must weigh the cost of maintaining and upgrading their equipment against the full replacement cost.

Objectives of the OEM

Equipment manufacturers and marketers make their living almost exclusively from selling new equipment. Their commitment to keeping you from experiencing business interruptions and repairs begins to amplify more aggressively as your current equipment warranty period ends or that extended maintenance contract expires.

Perhaps you may wonder why replacing well-performing IT equipment that meets your current needs is a good idea. And since you are working within a budget to support the enterprise IT demands, new equipment or a system “refresh” before it is needed can seem excessive and very expensive.

The Difference of Working with a Professional Third-Party IT Maintenance Company

With ongoing maintenance and timely upgrades, essential servers can perform for many years beyond their warranty expirations. A proven full-service third party maintenance company will:

  • Evaluate your system capabilities continually against your organization’s needs
  • Provide ongoing maintenance for all equipment
  • Offer 24-hour monitoring
  • Implement upgrades to stay current and keep pace with projected growth
  • Maintain and access data backup in case of natural disaster or other interruptions

When is a Refresh or New Equipment Purchase Needed?

Eventually, IT equipment and critical servers are longer capable of performing up to the required levels, even with continual upgrades. Of course, newer versions can add considerably more capacity and new capabilities that your older model may not handle. Your third-party maintenance representative will test your existing equipment capability to ensure slowdowns do not become a problem and advise when replacements are necessary.

When Do Hardware Upgrades Make Sense?

A four-to-five-year useful life for your IT equipment is no longer considered the norm. Professional third-party maintenance can double the effective life of your data systems by using multiple strategies to extend their functionality. Global providers like thomastech recognize that an economical and timely hardware upgrade will forestall problems and keep your equipment running smoother, longer, and more economically.

Continual evaluations of processing capability, operating speeds, load limits, and more will indicate your IT system’s real-time performance. Skilled technicians will perform timely evaluations and install seamless, invisible upgrades that keep the equipment operating like new.

In any case, growing companies require ongoing hardware upgrades to:

  • Keep pace with rapid growth and traffic
  • Provide greater bandwidth
  • Increased storage
  • Enhances protection from malware and cyberattacks

Contact thomastech to Extend the Life of Your Existing Hardware

Replacing or “refreshing” your IT equipment or hardware each time your OEM warranty or service contract expires can be an expensive, unnecessary activity. As you watch the time winding down on the OEM’s support, contact a proven third party maintenance company whose mission matches your own: i.e., extending the life of your assets, systems and servers.

Following a thorough evaluation of your enterprise needs and growth projections, the professionals at thomastech will carefully test and monitor your current IT assets’ performance levels. Immediate upgrades will enhance the system’s overall performance and security as needed.

For more information about extending your IT equipment’s working life and reliability, contact thomastech, a cutting edge IT support company, for your confidential consultation. The thomastech professionals are experienced at solving a broad range of IT challenges and risks in various industries, saving you time, money and resources.

To schedule your meeting and evaluation for your business, visit our website or call our office at 1-888-838-8796.

Challenges of Supporting a Remote Workforce Underscore Value of Maintenance Partners

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing requirements that began in early 2020 forced many companies to require many of their associates to work remotely and in many instances, from their homes. While this adjustment has created a mountain of new challenges and some additional costs initially, many companies are considering the option to continue to support remote working in the future, even after the pandemic subsides.

Some owners and managers believe that working outside the office can reduce some of their dependence on expensive office space and other expenditures for maintaining a full-time, in-house workforce. Recruiting superior talent is also facilitated when the candidate's location is no longer an issue.

But what are the unique IT considerations when maintaining a mostly remote workforce?

Providing Secure IT Support for a Remote Workforce

As we have learned in recent years, Cloud data storage availability allows individuals to access databases from anywhere globally while communicating with associates and clients from anywhere in the world at any time. Teams working from various locations on the same projects can collaborate in real-time as effectively as if each member is in the same room.

Businesses and organizations that opt for a remote workforce must address challenges related to creating a coordinated, reliable, and highly secure IT system. Some companies were already prepared for this situation, while many require the services of a third-party IT maintenance company to bring their system up to speed efficiently and securely.

The good news is that just about all the tools needed to support a remote workforce are available. The key is to work with IT experts who can professionally implement, manage, and monitor the system.

Operational challenges include:

  • Hardware Connectivity

Company-owned workstations, personal computers, and peripherals can be set up at each remote site. However, making these operational, secure, and connected requires technical expertise to ensure proper linkage to the server to facilitate access and communications without risk. When several technicians may be necessary, a professional third-party IT maintenance company can work to ensure that all work is performed promptly and effectively.

  • Home Network Infrastructure and Capacity

In many instances, employees working from home will be using their personal computers. The company has no control over these unless they adopt a proactive stance. Registering and deregistering (when needed) each piece of equipment is an important measure to ensure the entire network's security.

Also, home networks may not have sufficient bandwidth to accommodate successful interaction; therefore, professionals are essential to assess each circumstance.

  • Cybersecurity

Extending the network security to all points of contact is one of the highest priorities for any enterprise. While the core IT system may have many protections from malware and cyberattacks, remote and personal devices are vulnerable. One solution is to provide training for each employee to recognize potential cyberthreats and to avoid these.

Setting up Virtual Private Network systems to accommodate a high number of remote locations can substantially slow the systems. A proven third-party IT maintenance company can mitigate the bottlenecks by implementing specially tailored configurations.

  • Compliance Issues

If the network is set up to accommodate an in-office workforce, reconfiguration is likely needed to address security and compliance issues.

Contact thomastech to Evaluate Remote Workforce and Team Issues

Remote work can increase productivity while keeping the workforce healthy and happy. To diminish the potential for security risks or to compromise compliance requirements, a proven third-party IT company like thomastech can help implement and ensure complete safety while providing ongoing monitoring and upgrading security.

Contact thomastech, a global third-party IT maintenance company, to learn how we can help you create a safe and efficient remote workforce environment in these challenging times.

For more information and to set up a confidential consultation and evaluation, call the experts at thomastech at 1-330-225-3117 or send us an email at

The Advantages of Third-Party Maintenance

As a growing enterprise, you are dependent on accurate and timely information to manage clients, inventories, communications, and employee matters. Your IT system must always run smoothly and securely, without interruption, while staying current with all business-enhancing innovations.

Some larger companies depend on an Information Technology Departments staffed with a full complement of skilled technicians assigned to be ready to respond to system failures, security issues, and communication breakdowns. While this strategy may work for those outsized enterprises, maintaining a trained staff of IT professionals presents an insurmountable financial burden for most businesses.

What About the Support and Coverage Provided by the Original Manufacturer?

While under warranty, your original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are expected to provide support to keep their equipment running smoothly. Since maintenance is not their primary objective, service emergencies can often take a backseat to other clients or sales activities.

Also, when you have several types of IT equipment from different manufacturers, as most companies do, you may be struggling to manage many multiple OEM contracts and warranties.

It’s important to mention that selling new equipment is what keeps the OEMs running; so, keeping your older equipment functioning is not their priority. Rather than extend a service contract, OEM representatives will pressure you to buy a new replacement.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Qualified Third-Party Maintenance Company

Suppose you reach a point in which your existing equipment is working well, but your OEM maintenance contract runs out. While your OEM representative will begin to pitch new and expensive equipment, it’s your hope to allocate your resources to more productive endeavors, such as product rollouts, sales, customer service, marketing, and other efforts contributing to top and bottom-line growth.

A third-party IT maintenance company (TPM) can offer you a tailored, 24-hour program that keeps your systems running smoothly and securely, without the expense of in-house support professionals.

Here are only some of the advantages to choosing a professional outside company to maintain and monitor your IT systems:

  • Tailored IT Services Programs: Save Time and Money

Pay only for the services you need.

Your third-party IT maintenance company will consult, review, and evaluate your systems to determine which services you should have. The TPM company's goals will be to:

  • Help extend the useful life of your equipment
  • Keep your system updated
  • Fortify network security
  • Provide scheduled and emergency maintenance and updates
  • Ensure redundancy with retrievable data backup capability
  • Oversee and monitor your systems remotely

Staffed with proven IT experts experienced in each phase of IT support, plus the latest in IT resources, TPM evaluators will collaborate with you to determine the menu of services that best fit your needs. Through 24-hour remote monitoring, plus ongoing scheduled maintenance, you will be able to avoid interruptions to your service, while having a trusted resource in case of emergency or natural disaster.

As your enterprise grows, you will be able to add and consolidate services as needed.

  • Reduce the Number of Maintenance Contracts

By consolidating all of your IT maintenance services for computers, phones, printers, and much more with a single top-quality outside service provider, you will avoid the hassles of trying to reach different contractors for each problem that may arise. Your third-party maintenance company will respond to each issue when they occur and for any equipment you may have.

Also, choosing a global support entity like thomastech will provide you with utmost confidence that your IT assets will be working properly and kept secure anywhere at any time.

  • Transparency and Availability

Treat your full-service third-party maintenance partner as your IT Department. With a confidential service contract, the provider will ensure your system's security and functionality while maintaining open, ongoing communication.

All-day, every day, throughout the year, your third-party maintenance provider will be available for routine and urgent IT matters and requests.

Contact thomastech to be your trusted Third-Party Maintenance Provider

For experienced and highly qualified IT support, contact the professionals at thomastech, a worldwide third-party IT maintenance provider. A global company headquartered in Medina, OH, thomastech will provide you with the state-of-the-art professional services to help you control your IT costs in a secure and highly supportive environment.

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